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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Press Conference - Big pressure for me + KLSE - LIONIND

Big Pressure for my work
  • Should I sing a Happy Birthday or Auld Lang Syne to myself??? Was feeling the great pressure at my work recently. Don't ask me why I still got the time to blog and stock was amazing for myself to know that i got the time beside my work.
  • Project A:-
  • Yesterday was working till late night to rush few projects. Got to know from the product owner that this Project A will need to complete by end of this month cause there will be press conference schedule early month of May. There will be TV and Radio Ads go live too.
  • My heart just keep pounding fast and keeping my finger cross that we able to deliver by the timeline given.
  • Still in midst of testing phase. Sorry ppl, I cannot reveal any project till it is launch into the market. Don't worry, when the time comes, will promote the service in my blog here.
  • Small hint: This is relate to SMS service.
  • Project B:-
  • Then there is a last minute request from the Sr. GM from Product team. I was in a panic mode for a moment cause the dateline given to me is to deliver by end of this Friday.
  • Why short notice? He wants to see the outcome of it in a shortcut mode.
  • Guess they plan to launch it by this month, I myself can't wait to launch this service to the public .... small hint: this is relate to WAP service.
  • I am grateful to have such a highly capable development team to deliver the work for me. Really appreciate their hard work effort and dedication. They are from India.

KLSE = LIONIND - The best of it - STILL CAN BUY!

  • Historical Price Data
    Previous 2 weeks (11 Mar 2008 to 25 Mar 2008)~1.700~1.930~1.350~1.670~38,191,800
  • Related to my trading blog post to urge my friends to buy LIONIND when it fall down esp at RM 1.50... finally the waiting moment is over... today day high this morning was RM 1.95.
  • Just love this steel counter ...hoping to go above RM 2 somemore.
  • Another sad thing is Maybank still below RM 8.50 ...sian ler...

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Anonymous said...

Angela: What price you bought for Maybank?

Anonymous said...

I saw my friend lose a lot in GENTING. Is not a good place to visit and gamble in there.

I think this guy in desperate situation, maybe borrowed RM 100k from Ah Long.

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