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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Division Communication Session + Brian Pics + My Work Life

Communication Session
  • Rush back from KLCC office .... attend my division communication session after the company survey.
  • Seems there is a lot of area to improve. Was a good session and seeing those big bosses taking all the feedback seriously.

Work - Mobile Ads

  • My work life havent been easy for me lately.
  • Need to split myself into half to manage two major projects especially now in the testing phase.
  • And yes, I will be the PM for the Mobile Ads.... will tell more bout it later. Currently my boss is helping me out to manage this Mobile Ads proj.
  • Datin K (my colleague nickname) will be transfer to my team soon to help us on project. Really facing resources issue.
Brian & Cherlyn Gathering @ Mt. Kiara Coffee Bean

  • Yesterday, received pictures from Brian camera.
  • Brian, thanks a lot for the pics...

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