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Friday, April 11, 2008

PC Fair 2008 + KLCC Fitness Center + Maybulk~Smart Investment

PC Fair 2008

  • 11th April, today went to PC Fair at KLCC Convention Center. To my suprise, it was damn pack with people.
  • My colleague bought lots of PC stuff and gadgets. For me, I did not purchase anything.
  • Tomorrow I will be on morning shift from 10.30am to 4pm to help my co. to promote Maxis Wireless Broadband.

Sports: KLCC Fitness Center

  • 10th April, yesterday night, went to play badminton with my CIO, Head of Internal Audit and Fu Chee Keong.
  • We arrive there bout 7pm...suprise no traffic jam from Plaza Sentral to KLCC.
  • We register at the counter. Darn, got to pay Rm 15 as entrance fee. To use the court, it is another charges....ok, that I don't need to pay cause big boss will pay for it.
  • Wow, I was impress with their facility esp their indoor basketball court.
  • We played at the private badminton court.....very nice.
  • Reach home bout 10.30pm and yve teman me for dinner at Putri Mart.

KLSE: Maybulk - Final Dividen, 30 sen, tax exempt

  • Maybulk announce 30 sen final dividen, tax exempted.
  • X date: 24th April.
  • 30 sen = rm 300 per lot.
  • Current price RM 4.3x .... imagine u put RM 4.3k in bank, can u get RM 300 in a year from BANK interest rate? --- No Way!
  • This is a good counter to invest for long term.

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