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Monday, April 21, 2008

Nice Movie - Escape from Huang Shi

Recommend to watch, thought it was a boring movie but NOT
  • Last Friday, yve booked tickets for this movie. Not able to get Forbidden Kingdom tixs. When I read the sypnosis of this my mind....aiyoh, this will be a sleepy and boring movie to me.....
  • I really did not put so high hope on this movie....went to watch this movie together with Edison and Pei Lee at TGV Sunway Pyramid.
  • Before the movie, meet up with a Lelong bidder to hand over his bid item....a candle stick holder for RM 5.
  • Then bump to Daniel and Corina .....same movie and time.
  • I must say is a damn good bloody movie! My next movie for next Friday will be Forbidden Kingdom....kekeke.

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