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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

My Yogyakarta / Jogjakarta / Borobudur Trip Chapter

Jogjakarta / Borobudur temple trip

  • Before I begin with my wonderful journey story to Jogjakarta....just to clarify there is two version of this Yogyakarta name....original in Indon is Yogyakarta and Malaysia version is Jogjakarta. In my blog, I will mention Jogja .... easier for me.
  • Blog now cause when reach 8.30pm at my home from LCCT .... rush for my badminton game at 9pm. Body still active and not tired....decided to blog now.

Day 1 ~ Adisutjipto Airport + Hotel Manohara

  • Depart from LCCT at 2pm and arrive Adisutjipto international airport at Jogja bout 4.30pm. The flight is bout 2 1/2 hr journey. It was just finish raining when we arrive Jogja.
  • The hotel driver was waiting for us and he took us to Hotel Manohara inside Borobudur area. If you stay in this hotel, you don't have to pay for the temple entrance fees. It's included.
  • When I arrive their airport, i was shock with the airport condition, very simple airport and errrr, small and rundown.... so I don't dare to put my expectation so high on the hotel and the town center....cross finger it wouldn't be dat bad
  • It took 1 hr 20mins drive from the airport to the hotel. Gosh, my heart keep on pumping very fast cause those drivers dun follow traffic rules. Imagine incoming lorry coming opposite way and the driver still wanna over take the other car and squeeze in between the lorry and other vehicle. If in malaysia, guaranteed 100% death!
  • OK, during the journey, the road is tarred and many buildings....i feel much better .... i thought it will be like cambodia but trust me, Jogja is 10 times much better than Cambodia, at least lesser flies.
  • Then, i feel to like this place when i about to arrive hotel. Walaueh, I told yve, i din know this hotel is so grand and beautiful (pics will tell u everything i say in here). Then i ask yve, how much is the room cost.... due to my busy schedule, she manage the whole trip and the itenary. Thanks to my lou poh.
  • Room for 2 nights for 2 rooms (brought my parent in law too) will cost RP 1,700,000...yes Rupiah 1.7million. Consider cheap to Malaysians.
  • We were hungry and we went straight to the restaurant.....the hotel food was very nice and CHEAP!! The hotel food price equal to the foodcourt at my office place.
  • We can see Borobudur temple from the restaurant....just bout 500m away.
  • After dinner, went for the audio visual presentation by the hotel to talk bout Borobudur history.
  • The sunset bout 5.30pm (very early) and it is total dark...not able to walk by urself cause it is so dark and new to the place. So we will wait for next morning.

Day 2

  • Woke up bout 6 am to have early breakfast. was so bright dat time. When we have breakfast, we can see the hotel guest walking back from borobudur....basket....i just wake up and they just finish their borobudur trip.
  • Oh yeah, the population guest in the hotel is japanese = 90% and mat salleh = 10%, me is the only malaysian. Btw, the japanese came by single female and couple female, importantly they are leng lui! Yve confirm it is leng lui too....kekeke.
  • Just 500 meter walk to the one of the world wonders. We walk up to the top of the Stupa and suprb magnificent view. You can see the hills shape like a Giant Sleeping and the body shape. The view was superb from the top and can see the active volcano mountain - Mt. Merapi.
  • Before we go back to hotel, me and yve sit at a corner at the temple while my parent in law will wanna walk for a while more. Then a huge group of student, came to us and ask us to take picture with them. Walau, we feel like a star and even they hand out a book to ask us to fill up our details and sign. Took individual pics with them and finally a group picture.
  • The weather was superb .... cloudy and not hot....windy and nice! We walk borobudur bout 1 hr plus before headed back to hotel cause the driver will come and pick us up to bring us to other attraction places in Jogja.
  • Went to Candi Plaosan, Candi Prambanan, Taman Sari Water Palace, Malioboro (Street Market) and Sultan Palace.
  • Candi Plaosan and Candi Prambanan was sealed off cause it was partly destroyed by recent earthquake.
  • Taman Sari Water Palace was a bit dissapointment ... nothing much to visit there.
  • After Water Palace, went to Malioboro ... to shop for souvenirs. We tried some of their local food there. Lunch was sucks....and POPIAH was the suckiest of all.
  • We reach back Hotel bout 6pm. This whole trip cost us RM 160 from 10am to 6pm...very cheap.

Day 3

  • Wake up early in the morning to go to Borobudur again. It was very cloudy weather. Took some shots of the temple again.
  • Had breakfast at the hotel.
  • AFter breakfast, went out to take our own walk at the outside of borobudur area.
  • By 12pm, prepare to check out from the hotel.
  • 12.30pm, driver arrived and took us to the Airport.
  • DARN .... RP 100,000k for airport tax per person (and not RP 75,000 as told by the hotel ppl). Need to change RM cause running out of RP.
  • Arrive LCCT bout 7.45pm.

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