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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My nose broke the racquet NOT the racquet broke my nose

I am in Pain now...

  • I rephrase it again, is not the racquet broke my nose BUT my nose broke the racquet. Amazing rite! I myself can't believe it.
  • Last night, playing at Puay Chai school at SS2....this is what I can remember only.
  • Me and my partner was chasing for the shuttle at the baseline....the moment we try to hit....i know my face been whack by my partner racquet.
  • Immediately, I drop my racquet and cover my face with my both hand...and in pain shock. I did not shout and scream ....I just stood there, bending my head down.
  • What I can remember was I saw total black for few seconds, then after that, i can hear my friends voice around me asking my condition and to sit down and lie down.
  • I felt the pain at my eyes and my nose and my right thumb.
  • After a minute, took off my hand from my face....then saw blood at my friend told me that is was bleeding from my nose cut .... then i asked, my eyes got bleed a not? Luckily did not bleed from my eyes. I feel happy that I able to see.
  • The player who hit me, keep on apologizing to me and I told him is alright, this is just an accident.
  • Drove back home with a single eye close. Tears just keep pouring down like a crying baby.

Oldtown WhiteCoffee @ Jaya One, PJ.

  • My first time to this branch.
  • Many TAR students there.
  • Very nice environment for chit chat and place to drink coffee.

Decanter Restaurant @ Section 17, PJ
  • Nice food and environment.

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