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Monday, April 21, 2008

My Melaka trip ... all bout food only

Melaka Visit
  • First of all, my blog is not a foodie blog. Just happen that this time when i go back melaka to visit my parent in law, it is all about food and eat n eat only. I want to introduce some of nice and yummy and cheap Melaka food....
  • Been since CNY till now, havent gone back to Melaka....dat's why me and yve miss Melaka food so much.
  • Here are some of my fav. melaka food:-
    1. Spicy Pan Mee (better than Jln Pudu famous spicy pan mee!)
    2. Yong Tau Fu (fresh and nice kuew teow)
    3. Bak Kut Teh (must tried their yam rice)
    4. Dim Sum (cheap, nice and good)
    5. Nyonya Mee Siam
  • Went on Saturday morning and came back on Sunday night.

Introducing Melaka - Yong Tau Fu

  • Below is the dry kuew teow yong tau fu....i just like their kuew is different from ipoh hor fun which is thin. As u can see the kuew teow texture, it a different style of kuew teow, to me, nothing special compare to KL and Ipoh, just a different kind of taste....
  • When arrive Melaka early morning 7.30am, we straight head to this stall for breakfast. It is packed with people. We have to wait for quite a while for our food to come. While waiting, ordered the nyonya nasi lemak bungkus. Yum Yum!
  • Oh yes, the price for YTF is cheap! I think 50-60 sen a piece only!

Must try this Melaka Spicy Pan Mee! --The Best
  • I brought 5/5 my friends to try this spicy pan mee.... all say one this only 'Wow, the best' and they willing to go Melaka once a while just for this spicy pan mee.
  • I am a pan mee food lover .... my friend which brought me to try the famous Jln Pudu Spicy Pan Mee last time, which all ppl say is the best and original. Here is my honest feedback...i find it is nothing special actually and the pan mee is normal....maybe the only special is their fried chili flakes.
  • Oh boy ... was telling those people eating the fried chili flakes and mixed with the pan mee....and as long it just taste spicy enough....then they claim is the best spicy pan mee.
  • They are wrong, the pan mee ingredients such flour + eggs need to be well balance and of course must blend well with the sauce and soup. Once you tried the Melaka Spicy Pan Mee, u will know which is the best spicy pan point promoting so much bout it unless u try it. Cuba Sekali, Mahu Lagi!
  • I would say the Melaka style is not as spicy Jln Pudu but it give u the right spicy kick to your tongue. The pan mee was nice and yummy to eat... The sauce taste much better than KL one. Don't under estimate the red chili sambal .... when u mix with the black soya sauce.... u will ask for more only.
  • Obviously, the price got no fight at all with KL....for Big bowl, only cost RM 3.50 , Medium RM 2.50 and small RM 2 only!

Drink tea at Jasmin Tea House, Melaka Raya

  • Went to have a real Tea with yve friends at Jasmin Tea House.
  • I fall sick with sore throat and flu, therefore, they have this special tea flavour to ease my throat and flu. It was refreshing tea.....

Melaka Duck Mee with 'Loh Duck'

  • Midnight, was feeling hungry after Jasmin Tea House .... probably had an early dinner and the tea already digest my food.
  • Wan Sin suggested to bring us to try this duck mee and 'loh duck'. Loh Duck is specially cook in herbs ingredient in a big pot and this dish is famous in Johor.
  • This shop is at the Red Square, Melaka Raya.....
  • Quite expensive for 5 people to eat.... RM 30.

Melaka Dim Sum, at Jln Tengkera!

  • I still can remember the first time when yve brought me to eat dim sum at Melaka, it was 5 yrs ago...dat time is to introduce me to yve family (pak toh stage) .... hahaha.
  • I ordered quite a lot....and was shock when the tauke told me is RM 11.50 for 2 pax! I stun....I was so full and hardly can move. Per plate is just RM 1.10 .... if in KL, it easily go above RM 40. The current price for a dim sum plate is RM 1.40 - RM 1.60....
  • Then I brought my friends and even my family to Melaka for dim sum ....they love it so much...I remember that time yve colleagues from Japan n Korea...bout 10 pax...the bill came up just RM 70+ .... all was amazed only.
  • The famous dim sum there is their BIG PAO! .... trust me, ppl were queing up and snatching the big pao...u can see every second, ppl tao pao 5-10 big paos and the kitchen staff keep on bringing out the big pao tray ... this scene is worse than ppl buying JCO Donaught at Pavillion Mall.
  • I must admit their big pao is very nice and yummy! Oh yeah...less than RM 2 sumore!

  • Had bak kut teh for lunch but I did not take pics from my handphone camera cause I was too busy eating the dry bak kut teh....first dry bak kut teh in Melaka....u can see ppl eager to try this.


okk said...

do you have map location for the spicy pan mee or road direction?

rick said...

How disappointing. No lLocation?

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