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Monday, April 21, 2008

My injury condition + KLSE + Project deadline

Nose & Eye injury condition
  • Yes, my nose bruise getting better and my eyes not that itchy. Recover quite fast ... still need to do x-ray to ensure nothing happen to my nose bone.....will KIV this task first.
  • And I will be playing badminton back tonight .... my hands and legs getting itchy .... wanna smash more tonight to release my work tension.

Project dateline....

  • Is a do or die game .... can't afford for any more delay and slip-up.
  • 2nd May is the press ads releasing to the public .... under heavy pressure to get it done .... testing not enough time.
  • Heard from my team mate...some of my colleagues came back to office to do testing on the weekend for another project. I don't want to call my team members to come back to office to do work...need to respect people time and weekend is the only time for them to hang out with family.
  • Yeah, some of my colleagues brand me as a 'kind and nice' PM .... sigh....i treat my staff very good and protect them....but they din c me firing and battling with vendor and users...anyhow, I will fire and loss my cool when someone piss me off.


  • Finally sold most of my counters and as well for my investors.
  • Feeling it is time to take some handsome profit and wait for the next correction. Thanks to US market which last friday up over 200 pts.
  • Yeah...BSTEAD dividen x-date is on 23rd April...2 more days....cant wait to sell off this counter.

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Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Hi! Hows is ur nose??? Better I hope. & how much profit did u make at the KLSE? This mkt seem to be in 'ding dong' mode. No much volume & only selected stock & index stock moving only.
BTW tq very much for dropping on my site!
Have a nice day!

knatz said...

saw your mojostock trading blog ... you recommend to buy TA at RM 1.10 price .... went up today...grrrr.

via, may i suggest at your header, you add stock recommendation to buy. with that, easier for me and some of the people who play stocks to see. don't need to view two blogs.

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