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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My Injury condition + Blood Pressure back to normal!

Day 1 of my injury status

  • 14th April, was in pain when trying to sleep. Show my injury to Yve and she was shock.
  • Did sms Daniel before going to bed, in case i woke up tomorrow and my eye vision is blurr, need him to fetch me to work.
  • At 6am, woke up and sms to Daniel and told him that I will drive myself to work cause I want to sleep more. Slept quite late last night...bout 3am.
Day 2 of my injury status
  • 15th April, woke up vision is ok except my left eye still in pain and watery.
  • Went to office, my colleagues saw my face .... from there, they making fun of me....sigh, my wonderful colleagues. Got even one mention, wat a good love bite at my nose!
  • 4pm...after my meeting, went to see doctor for check-up. Doctor check my cornea and 'puper' ... i heard is petpet ... no damage, just can see my blood vain burst a bit. That's why causes the eye tears flowing out.
  • Show the doctor the broken racquet picture which smack to my nose and eyes. She was shock to see the picture as she thought is just a normal injury.
  • I really feel uncomfortable with my eyes now. Imagine like a dirt when into to your eyes and you keep on rubbing to it. Problem, even i try to rub to reduce the is too painful. Compare with my nose, at least I don't laugh or jump....i don't feel the pain or uncomfortability.

Day 3 of my injury condition

  • Feeling much better esp on my eyes....but within this few days...can feel the swollen pain and very obvious now.
  • Drive to work and the sunlight today is quite bright.....still not able to open my left eye fully.

Blood Pressure back to normal FINALLY!

  • Despite my injury, this is the happiest news i got from the doctor during my injury check-up.
  • She saw my previous visit which is 4 months ago .... saw that there is remarks of my blood pressure is quite high ... bout 101.
  • So she did a blood pressure test on me and guess what, hmmm, it seems my blood pressure is normal at 80 .... wow! So i ask what is the ideal level of blood pressure...the doc replied bout 75 to 80.
  • When reach office, straight email to Yve to tell her this news.
    Real Story:-
  • I've been fighting to reduce my high blood pressure since 20 months ago, it's been at alarming level. I did exercise by going to fitness first for few months and control my eating. But it just reduce a bit but still at alarming level (90-98).
  • Then Fui Ling introduce me a tea early this year.....I took it for 3 months till now....I have my regular buffet lunch and dinner, mamak or sometimes cook maggi mee at night before sleep and just eat as normal.
  • I did not do any diet at all while drinking this tea. After 3 months, this is the result I got. I manage to reduce my weight to 84kg from 92kg with my height of 173cm...obviously I am a 'obbis'....

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