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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

More Fund + MojoStock + Maxis Broadband Ambassador + BlackBerry problem

More funds coming in
  • Investors been depositing money in lately. Ok, rumors been spreading that month of June, KLSE market will start to bull back.
  • Dividen payout to all my investors.
  • Becareful of this kind of might get caught in between.

Mojostock - My trading blog move to another section

  • Got msn message from the co-founder of mojostock, he move my trading blog to the Malaysia Stocks forum section due to high visitors to my trading blog.
  • Thanks buddy thou lately i din update my trading blog.....too busy with my work lately.

Blackberry device

  • Yve company blackberry got problem after she tried to re-install the application.
  • Send to Maxis customer service to fix but at the end they told me they got to send to manufacturer to rectify the problem which will take 3-5 weeks time.
  • Thought it should be a simple software re-installation and nothing wrong with the handset devide.

PC Fair 2008 - I am a Maxis Broadband Ambassador

  • I volunteer to be a Maxis Broadband Ambassador.
  • My shift will be this coming Saturday from 10am to 4pm.
  • Whoever going to PC fair this SAturday, come to Maxis Broadband booth and mention vialentino blog....and u will get a FREEBIE.....kidding only.
  • Yes, but for sure, there will be free gift distributing out for visitors.

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