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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Maxis Thank You Cake + Sean Kingston

Maxis Thank-U cake
  • Last month 10th March, a subscriber came to a Maxis Center and register as a Maxis Subscriber....with that, Maxis has create a new history and milestone for the company.
  • Something for you to think & ponder...
    1. HOW COMPANY IN MALAYSIA got 10 million clients/customers?
  • Check out the answer at the end of the posting.
  • With that, HR send a Thank You cake to each department in Maxis to celebrate this moment.
  • It is a choc cream cake. Taste ok ok nia.

Sean Kingston ticket
  • Finally receive my Sean Kingston tickets from Marketing team.
  • In fact, I don't know who is this artist till everyone is talking bout it in the office.
  • Even the Beautiful Girls song aired in the Radio most of the day....I still din give a damn on this song cause not really like it.
  • Anyway, I am going there bcos wanna go clubbing at Zouk after that.


1. There is 2 company who got 10 million customers base.
2. Maxis & Income Tax Company (LHDN)

1 comment:

sheryl0202 said...

I want to go too :(

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