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Friday, April 18, 2008

LHDN Online e-filing ~ Improved! + Business Conduct & Ethics

Filed my income tax via e-filing
  • Finally submitted my income tax via online. First of all, I am lucky to remember my login password. Secondly, I am impress with the new enhancement of the online system, is making user life easier and not so complicated.
  • LASTLY, I am sad to see that I have to pay 5 figure to the govt....there goes my europe trip for me and yve.... sigh.... was so 'siong sam'!!
  • Few days ago, my dept secretary told us that some of our colleagues are in debt or no money to pay for the income tax cause they overspent and forgotten bout the taxes.
  • Anyway, just feel not worthy....

Business Conduct & Ethics

  • Each company have their own business code ethic. There is a new tender going out to the vendors and I am part of the management team to manage the project.
  • Yesterday, did received a call from one of the vendor who going to tender. Gosh, I was suprise that how the heck this vendor know I am involve. She is one of a Sales Director from a subsidiary Vodafone Co.
  • She asked to have lunch today, which i rejected her, then she keep on pressing me to meet up next week or whenever I am free. Kaneneh....I just told her that I will be free after May only...hahaha....cause i know the RFP (Request for Proposal) will be held next week....hahaha.
  • Basket....sorry ler....not that I don't want to help, but this is against my company business conduct and ethics. Must maintain my honesty and integrity.

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