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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Indon Ads + My car send for painting

Car Painting

  • Last Friday, send my car to a workshop to spray the entire car cause my front bonet got rusted.
  • For entire car painting (metallic paint) ... cost me RM 1.5k include some touch up on the holes.
  • The workshop is nearby Bandar Utama only....along the road to Tropicana toll.
  • Can collect my car this coming Friday.

Ads - Indonesia

  • Click the image to enlarge
  • Snap this pic from the Jogja newspaper and found this interesting advertisement.
  • What was your first thought when u see this newspaper ads?
  • Is it call for sex ads? or prostitute ads? ....hahaha.
  • I was wondering the statement in the ads "Tidak Sakit Kepala, Berdebar & Panas" (not headache, fast and hot)... when make love can get headache? Somemore Alami Aman (Enjoy peacefulness) & Terbukti Kuat Ereksi (Proven high erection!)

Sis Update
  • My sister applying Australia PR for my parent who plan to move to Sydney to stay with my sister.
  • My dad told me that he plans to find a job there to help my sis on the house loan. It is tough for my sis to support the housing loan by herself. Hope my bonus able to relieve the burden for a meanwhile.
  • In my mind, was feeling sad to see my dad who was already old and want to work back even after his retirement age.
  • I still left 17 months to clear off my house loan and with that, I able to support and reduce my sister burden and provide a better life to my parent.
  • I feel sad for my sister, to lose a husband who is the bread winner of the family. :((


kokchuen said...

i thought it was those escort girl. Did not know it was a viagra advertisement. Caught me...

Anonymous said...

trisha: hi via, sad to hear your family story. Wish everything will be alright soon.

Khoo said...


Anonymous said...

chun indon chick

Gordon said...

U spray whole car for RM 1.5k? Which car model?

Chee Hung said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
casey said...

the text ads is a bit misleading but the girl is not.

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