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Friday, April 04, 2008

I am offensive?

Long email battle
  • Yesterday, I was so busy and tied up. As you all know I am running and handling 2 major projects.....and yesterday been bugged by another PM for her project.
  • Bloody hell, my boiling point got hit when she put my name in her email and saying that one of the section which I help her to manage in her project got delayed for 3 days. Oh yeah, she love to put my name in every email of her....want me to be her scapegoat in case she fail to deliver. But sorry lah, that will never happen.
  • Walaneh, then i replied and asked her, where is the project plan, where is this and that document....why is not given and certain things is not updated .... then she call my boss and told that I am offensive on her. My boss told her that I am under stress and busy with other project.
  • Obviously there is few emails flying there and back which cc to our bosses.
  • And finally my boss shoot one email this morning, claiming that her facts is not right. Then her boss also fired back at her.
  • Last night, work until 8.10pm...which is a bit late for me....i know some ppl work till midnight....but i am the person who wanna balance my working life and personal life. WORK IS NEVER AN ENDING STORY!

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