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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Daily Update + KLSE Update

1st April - April Fool Day
  • Din realize it was a April Fool din kena conned by my friends.
  • I was very busy replying emails....and almost no time to have lunch as well.
  • Went and play badminton in the evening to lose some weight after my fabulous trip at Borobudur....gain back 1kg....kanasai.

Yve auction items

  • Yve told me that she manage to sold 6 items in her lelong site.
  • And yes, some of mine items she sold without my notice too .... hmmmm.
  • Guess is yve part time job now during the night.


  • From my back-dated posting on 12th March which I bought 20 lot of BSTEAD at RM 4.86 and then drop to RM 4.24 .... which consider paper loss at RM 12k+. Thanks GOD it rebounded back within weeks.
  • Then on 28th March & 31st March, it raise and touch high-day price at RM 5.10 which I could earn RM 3.1k ...but did not sell it cause it will be medium term ivnestment for me and my clients.


  • US market up 391 pts last night....hoping for the best for today KLSE....but it was weak instead.
  • Bought 1 lot of MAYBANK today at RM 8.50 ..... dropping pulak.

Tips: If you add some sugar while cooking green peas, the aroma will tingle the taste buds

Inspiration: Putting off an easy thing is hard, and putting off a hard one makes it impossible.

Did you know: Some frogs can be frozen and then thawed and still live

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