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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Black n White

Mt. Merapi (Active Volcano) & Candi Borobudur & Candi Plaosan
  • Took some black and white pics. (Click the images below to enlarge)
  • I was impress with the morning scene when taking the Mt. Merapi from Borobudur temple. I could see the smoke coming out from the active volcano mountain. Was an amazing moment.
  • There was 4 volcanic mountain surrounding Jogja and even my indon friend 'Yoke Loon' asked me whether I am afraid a not. If blast, it could wipe out the entire Jogja town. I replied, of course I am scared but not scared when taking this amazing volcanic mountain. The last blast was 2006 where kill thousands of people.


vivian said...

nice black and white pictures taken. Which camera are you using?

Anonymous said...

samson: don't think is a slr camera right?

gin said...

Wow, very nice place. How much it cost for the flight? Is it expensive?

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