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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Beer & Pizza @ Centro Bar + My new nickname - Steel Nose

Beer & Pizza

  • After work bout 7pm, there is one leaflet on the table ... beer and pizza promotion at Centro Bar @ KL Sentral.
  • Then my colleagues also feeling we decided to DE-STRESS ourself by going to the bar for a short drink.
  • 5 bottles of Carlsberg + Pizza = RM 62 ..... quite reasonable..... so we ordered 2 bucket and a super nachos .... end up the bill was RM 180+.
  • Everyone was happy chit chatting and gossiping around. Wat a good way to de-stress our working pressure.

Top Left: Raymond & Amanda enjoying the food + Top Right: Loke posing with the beer bucket + Bottom Left: Nice smoked salmon pizza

New nickname - Steel Nose

  • My colleagues been start noticing my bruise at my nose..... they were shock to see wat cause that to my nose and eyes.
  • They were saying my nose is it made from steel or iron? .... hahaha.... some even say , later it become 'pinocchio' - long nose.
  • I can pro-claim myself as a Shaolin - Steel Nose instead of Steel Head! Check out the youtube below....I am still wondering how the heck my nose can be that tough! ---> my secret: dig more gold out from your nose! hahaha.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i got to agree that your nose is super strong!

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