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Thursday, April 03, 2008

bad wine investment + Waterlily Cafe

My bad investment - Will i be conned?

  • Recently, starting to feel regret to invest in wine early this year.
  • Dumping SGD 11k into something YOU DON'T SEE and YOU DON'T TOUCH IT .... is the biggiest RISK i ever taken...seriously.
  • With 12% brokerage fees to clear ... and uncertainty of 3 years to break-even ... dat also depends on the WINE FTSE.
  • Profit also depends on the wine critics and quality of it and of course base on the wine harvesting season which depends on the weather sumore.
  • Anyone else invest in this wine investment .... need some GURU advice on this.
  • Think need to wait 10 yrs time before can sell for a good price.

Dinner at WaterLily Cafe at Puchong Business Park

  • I reach home quite late cause of the traffic jam and was raining. She got her Blackberry HP from her company and she left her HP at her office pulak. Furthemore, yve don't have the buyer contact and need to drive her back to office to collect her hp.
  • After meeting the buyer from who bid for the canon printer which yve manage to sold for RM 40.
  • It's been a while that me and yve did not dine at here....miss their BBQ FISH! We love the food very much.

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