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Friday, March 14, 2008

Superb Internet TV show - Malaysian Dreamgirl

Malaysian Dreamgirl
  • Wow! it's was amazing online reality show and u can see all the beauties attitude and character in this online tv show!!....for guys, it was a dream come true to see all in one show.....can describe it was a hell better than those Miss Universe and Miss World pageant contest.
  • View the model photos and video episodes at this website --> Malaysian Dreamgirl
  • How i got to know this site....from Cindy Tey & Ringo (Cheeserland).
  • My picks as below to win the MDG title....


= FLoReNcE = said...

Cindy Tey is ur fren ah?

vialentino said...

msn friend family relation thou same family name...kekeke

linda said...

cindy tey very pretty...

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