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Friday, March 14, 2008

Sooka Foodcourt

Sooka Sentral Foodcourt
  • Today went there to lunch to have a lookout at this new foodcourt.
  • All serving thai, malay and indian food but NO chinese food!
  • I have fried rice boneless chicken chop....taste so-so only and cost me RM 6.

Work Update
  • Been a while din update bout my work. Currently sitting at Sg. Besi office doing some testing with the vendor.
  • Yesterday was a tense and busy day for me. All my hour is to reply mails least 150 mailbox cause there is few projects concurrent running.
  • Blood pressure been going down slightly....maybe going less meeting and don't need to fire people or being fired back.
  • Tomorrow is my CIO open house at Sg. Long .... so will be going there. Will go there for shortwhile cause got my newphew fullmoon celebration as well.

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