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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sneezing and flu + My Wallet


  • Yesterday, out of sudden during my badminton game, i start sneezing non-stop and flu keep on dripping down.
  • Been sneezing over 30 times.
  • I still continue to play for 2 hrs...very satisfy with the game.
  • When reach home, faster take vitamin c (1000mg) and guess wat.....the next morning, I've recovered.

Shucks - Forgotten 2 bring My Wallet today!

  • I've forggotten to bring my wallet today.
  • I notice it when i went to Isetan KLCC to buy salad for my lunch.
  • When just about going to pay at the cashier counter, can't search for my wallet.
  • Then i called Johny to the rescue. He came to meet me at Isetan and borrowed RM 10 from him.

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