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Monday, March 10, 2008

PC trade-in + Starbucks + Old Town White Kopi

7th March ~ Gathering at Old Town White Coffee

  • It's a group mixture of friends to hang out. At first, Ryan and myself made an appointment to drink tea.
  • Then i call some of my friends and Ryan called a ex-college mate from INTI as well.
  • Then we all met up and intro to each other. Coincidentally, most of us have facebook and the pics below, i just put Facebook and Blogger gathering....hahaha.
  • Those attend Daniel, Keen Yee, Ellie, Yve, Me, May Leng and Ryan.
  • So happy to meet Ryan and May Leng after few years of MIA since we graduated from college. May Leng was telling me that is was a decade since we graduated in 1999.
  • She opened a tuition center and congrats to her on her success. Same goes to Ryan, who run his own SAP consultancy. Glad to meet u all back.

Top Right: May Leng, Ryan and Via ~ Top Left: Via & Keen yee ~ Bottom Left: Daniel & Ellie

Paint - very canggih now
  • The last time I bought house paint is 3 yrs back. This time when i submit the paint code, they will do it on the spot as they don't have ready paint stock.
  • Wow, was really impress with this technology. I don't have to wait long....just 10 mins for the machine to get the formula and produce the paint.
  • I got mine 1 liter for RM 27 for Jotun. Cheap or expensive? I dunno....

PC Trade-in @ Plaza Low Yatt
  • Sunday, went to Low Yatt plaza to sell second hand PC, Monitor, Printers and keyboard+mouse.
  • We donated 2 monitor to the shop cause both also not functioning....sad cannot get RM 30 for each monitor.
  • Luckily the old PC is still working .... got RM 100 for it. We present the owner keyboard and mouse to him.
  • For those who own old PC's or hardware, u can sell it off for a good price as long it is workable. Go this shop at level 2 and look for this shop name 'VITAL'.
  • After dat, went to Starbucks to chill ourself with coffee.


doink said...


i came and saw =)

thanks ! it was good meeting up too ..

keep in touch ya . ;)

vialentino said...

hey May Leng, yeah....nice to see u was a good yum char.

Must thank to Ryan ...

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