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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Life = Work depress!

Mi-Ni-Mai-Ni-Mo ... which meeting to attend?
  • Today I am so tied up with meeting and wonder which meeting I should attend.
  • This month, been chatting less in MSN...BUT still got time to blog...AMAZING rite!....maybe is my time can reduce stress. Another space to shout out all my tension and anger.
  • As well for emails, have replied 100+ emails today and pending 50 more...maybe tomorrow i will replied.
  • 6.30pm now and I am still in the office. Finish meeting with a Singapore vendor. Oh boy, I am so dead tired and wish to have a short nap.

Stuck in the middle of projects
  • Got a call from a product owner, mention that he needs me to manage his project testing for 2 weeks. He will send out an email to the top management.
  • After the call, he shoot out an email immediately and my boss got it. I don't have the time to discuss with my boss and he told me, why did not the Product Owner talked to him at first and not to broadcast to the top level.

My boss replied back:-

Hi Product Owner,

As spoken, I am sorry that I would not be able to dedicate Johnson fully to the Project X for now. He is currently also assisting me in the new Project ABC rollout and that is also being place as a priority project. Nevertheless, I will stop delegating new assignment to him for now until the Project X is over and I’ll cover him on other projects/tasks. I think the best for now, will have him allocate half day for each project and hope this will overcome the current constraint you are experiencing currently.

Hope this will help.

Rgds, My Boss


Product Owner emailas below:-

Hi Mr. [Johnson's Boss],

We are currently going through the UAT for Project X and would really appreciate if Johnson can be dedicated for this project in the next 2 weeks, as we need to resolve the issues arising from the UAT.

Appreciate your help in this.

Regards,Product Owner


  • Today lunch with Johny. Went to Uncle Ho foodcourt at Avenue K.
  • As usual, will order the Ma Lat Pan Mee, wanna eat spicy food.
  • Then Johny followed me to England Optic to fix yve sunglasses. The girl staff was so nice....charge me FOC. Anyway, it is just a small screw much can a screw cost?
Tips: Cough: cannot get rid of a bad cough? Drink freshly made Kohlrabi juice 2-3 times a day.
Inspiration: Every great achievement is the product of either great risk or great sacrifice.
Did you know: Hummingbirds are the only animals that are able to fly backwards

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