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Friday, March 21, 2008

Malaysian Dreamgirl - Bar Savanh

MDG at Bar Savanh

  • Look at Episode 4 - Part 1 ... click here
  • Wah, all very geng in dancing ler ...
  • Guys will like this episode ---> view Episode 4 - pArt 6 (Sexy photo taking)!
  • Natasha is of the girl predicted in my previous posting to be top 3 finalist in Malaysian Dreamgirl.
  • After viewing all the 6 episodes. My prediction that top three finalist will be Cindy, Hanis and Ringo. I find beauty is not all bout it but the attitude and character. They got all the values in them after wathing the online TV!

L-R: Cindy, Hanis, Ringo

Work & Work
  • Stress up this morning...just replying emails.
  • Compiling my nephew bday party pics....will post it up later on.


  • Today went to lunch with dato K, datin K, alvin and Johny at City Square...
  • Had the famous A1 Claypot chicken rice....
  • Taste yummy. After lunch, went for a tea drink at KGB.


= FLoReNcE = said...

Ermm...I like Hanis & Ringo. But, perhaps Cindy have the high possibility to be the top 3 finalist. But, I just feel that she's a type of jealousy gal. Err..I dunno how to say, from the clip, I just seen that she has some complaints for other contestants. Err...just my 2 cents ok? :)

c_c said...

I like hanis, a pretty malay chic ... never seen such a malay beauty. Cindy should not cut her hair short, nothing special bout her with her short hair now. I put my money on Hanis :p

Anonymous said...

i say Hanis will win!

james said...

i find cindy got some attitude and personality problem!

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