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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ma Lat Steamboat - Super Hot n Spicy

Ma Lat Steamboat
  • Last Friday after work, plan to have dinner at Bdr Puteri. So driving around to see which new restaurant....then yve pointed out this ma lat steamboat.
  • We went in....i saw many china gals.... now i know this Ma Lat steamboat is very famous in China. Dip the food into the spicy soup which full of red chilli and pepper!
  • Is a buffet style...cost RM 18.50 per pax only. Have lots of variety. The food was ok and if u dunwan your bf or husband to know china beauty gals, better dun eat there.
  • Order a medium spicy soup...thought it wont be that spicy....damn, I was was bloody spicy .... imagine i can eat chili padi but i cannot eat this level of spiciness. Darn....burn my tongue and not able to enjoy the food.

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