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Monday, March 17, 2008

KLCC F1 + IBM Tech Forum 2008

IBM Tech Forum 2008
  • Went to One World hotel to attend this tech forum.
  • Was invited by IBM to attend this tech conference. Got a goodie bag when register ... then i lookout for the breakfast. The fried bihun and roti jala sucks!
  • Opening speech by the IBM Managing Director ... the ballroom was packed with people.
  • Din stay for the conference cause my bloody phone keep on ringing as few projects having problems and got on-going testing. So decided to go back to office to do my work.


  • Had lunch with Johny at Kim Gary.
  • After lunch, went to KLCC concourse and saw this F1 promotion.
  • Saw people taking pics with the show me and johny took the opportunity as well.


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