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Sunday, March 09, 2008

It's a sad weekend

Condolence to you my dear beloved sister
  • Sunday, 2pm ... my sis call back to my home and talk to my aunt cause my mom and dad went for a seminar. She happily talk bout their holiday plan to Gold Coast and Hawaii trip.
  • 3pm, me and yve drop by at my parent house to visit .... mom and dad still not back yet. bout 4pm....i went back home cause going to rain soon.
  • 5pm afternoon, got a call from my brother .... as usual, I just answer "Yes, what do you want" cause normally he calls me, sure wants something. But this time not....heard he is crying....and I say "What's wrong?" .... then he told me that my bro-in-law passes away.
  • I was shock and say in a high tone "What happened??" ... my bro-in-law met an accident nearby their house at Sydney.
  • I called back and talk to my mom. My mom said that my sis cry so badly and can't even talk properly on the phone as she is crying all the way. She just can't believe it and accept this shock news.
  • My sis called her mom-in-law at US to inform her son death.....and my mom called too and talked. Sis mom-in-law and her daughter will fly from US to Sydney immediately and will be arriving Sydney today morning.
  • 11.30pm, me and yve went back to PJ home to visit my mom and dad and to discuss this.
  • Then 12am this morning, have a drink with my cousins at Murni SS2 to talk bout my bro-in-law death and the pass memory. We were sadly missing him.

Note: Life is short, Life changes in every second so enjoy to the fullest!

Cause of death

  • The doctor will do autopsy on his body today morning.
  • Last night got to know some un-disclose story from my bro during yum char. His superbike (1ooo cc and not the 500cc which used in the GrandPrix) torn into half.
  • He is wearing full protective racing suit and helmet when go out for a spin....he just got a small cut at the head and no scratches on the body.
  • Not sure what made him crashes and fallen off from his bike. He is an experience driver.
  • Suspect is internal bleeding.

In memory of Tan Hock Lye - Love & Miss u forever

  • I still remember that when he courting my sis....he always fetch her with black modified Perdana. Before that, he got a deep passion and crazy for speed ... he likes to race in the Sepang Track.
  • When I first met him, wah...he got this mature, westernish and very gentleman. My sis tied knot with him which i feel glad and happy. Cause my sis is wild and love to party.
  • Then they migrate to Aussie.
  • Just so sad when writing this ... and I can't accept this news.

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