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Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm a useless son

Useless Son
  • Monday, my mom called me that she need to renew her passport and will be flying to Australia.
  • So i thought my parent wont be flying to there so soon.
  • Wednesday to my sis to console her. Then she say whether I wanna talk to mom. J: U mean talk to Hock Lye mom?
    Sis: Our mom!!!
    J: Huh? Conference call is it?
    Sis: Mom is at my place now.....
    J: WHATTT!! Since when she fly to there? Thought of visiting them tonight.
  • Show how useless I am. I told my mom, why she din inform me that she is flying to Sydney. My mom can't get a good sleep cause thinking of her own daughter situation and never thought of me at the moment....understood my mom situation.
  • My mom told me that my sis will still cry sometimes but getting better.

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