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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hi-tea with Steve McMahon + Lunch + Badminton Fall

KLSE Plunge on Monday

  • Din write bout stock investment cause still in grief over the tragic news.
  • I totally din bother or feel anything even the KLSE collapse to -120pts.
  • Bought 20 lot of BSTEAD on Monday at RM4.86 ...end of the day, fell down to RM 4.24....investors calling me and seeking advice and a bit worry and pressuring me. Manage to convince them and told them to hold it and it will rebound soon. Dat time losing RM 12.5k+ .... so no point cut loss and we are not contra-ing at all.
  • Today closing at RM 4.80 ....losing six sen.....= losing RM1.3k+ at the moment from RM 12.5k+ .... hope mkt will keep going up this week with the recent US news that Fed will pump in USD 200 billion.
Date Open High Low Close Volume
20080312 4.700 4.880 4.700 4.800 3,136,300
20080311 4.260 4.640 4.260 4.580 2,833,700
20080310 4.980 4.980 4.240 4.300 2,618,000

Hi-Tea with Steve McMahon

  • I am not a fan of Liverpool at all....thus enroll myself for this hi-tea session just to pass time and relax during office hour.
  • Don't know who is him? Click here to find out more bout him. He is one of the pundit in ESPN Star Sports show with Shebby Singh. Former Liverpool player.
  • Manage to take pic with nice if he is Christiano Ronaldo or Ryan Giggs....sigh.

Injured myself

  • Never imagine i could slip from a badminton court and get my knee bruise and cut badly.
  • Wrong stepping and cause myself to fall down. I was slowly looking at my knee and saw the bruise start appearing and blood appearing out.
  • With the tough heart I got and my objective to lose weight....i still play on and forget bout the pain. But when I reach home and rest on the couch. I start to feel the pain when my body cools down.
  • The worse injury i got from badminton was racquet hit to my head.

Buyer from lelong ffk

  • Supposingly meet a lelong buyer who bid for the owen. Last minute he send out sms that he couldn't meet us at 10pm and re-schedule it to 10pm.
  • After got the sms, went to look for Sai Bond and Fui Ling to yum char. Of course suprise them when they see a bmw park outside their house.
  • Will meet the buyer today at 9pm...hope he dun ffk this time.

Tips: Place a small piece of blotting paper inside the biscuit box and the biscuits will remain fresh for many days

Inspiration: Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Did you know: Carousels have been featured in such popular Broadway musicals as Carousel and such famous movies as Mary Poppins and The Sting.

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