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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Staff

Tried this new coffee
  • Saw this coffee from TV ads .... bought 1 can (RM 1.90) to try it.
  • Wow, this coffee is nice...strong one....i like it so much.
  • Taste like roasted coffee bean...good!

Reach office early
  • Hoping to see my boss this morning to collect my bonus offer letter.
  • Damn it, he still havent arrive yet.
  • Yesterday, I was in KLCC meeting and not in the office, so my boss distribute those letters to my colleagues which in Plaza Sentral.
  • After 7pm, few of my colleagues called and some of them sms text me to inform the good news. They got min. X months and min. X salary increment.
  • The best is my manager that he got the highiest bonus payout ... approx. RM50k - 60k+ .... i am going to ask him to belanja me.
  • Aiyoh, make me whole night cant sleep and thinking of it.

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