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Friday, March 21, 2008

Happening Wednesday + Zouk & Velvet + Movie

Happening Wednesday

  • 19th March, following Thursday is a public holiday.
  • Suddenly different friends call out for a meet up
    1. Fui Ling call for yum char
    2. Elllie call for clubbing at The Curve
    3. Stanley & Sharon call for yum char (Yve joined them)
    4. Vic call to go Velvet
    5. To meet Brian @ Puchong (didn't make it)

Velvet & ZOuk

  • At the end, I decided to go with Vic to Velvet and Zouk cause is my first time there.
  • Arrive there bout 11pm+ ... it was packed and crowded. I like the music there. We stay up until 3am where they stop the music.
  • This time din drink much. Arrive home bout dead tired....if come 7am, will be 24 hrs out from home and a day without sleep.

An Empress & The Warriors movie @ Pavillion GSC cinema

  • 20th March, public holiday....wake up at 9am+ few hours of sleep only.
  • Edison came and pick us up to Pavillion to watch movie at the GSC cinema there.
  • Bought tickets for the movie above.
  • Very very nice movie...MUST WACTH it!
  • From the beginning to the ending...very thrilling and nice....respect the director for this movie


= FLoReNcE = said...

I just watched it last night!! Nice movie!! :)

c_c said...

Will watch this movie next week after friends recommend this movie.

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