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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hakka Noodles

Morning Breakfast

  • Today i have meeting at sg. besi office. Before going there, have my fav hakka noodles at a Puchong coffee shop. The famous before lunch 1pm, all sold out.
  • Traffic was smooth today....maybe everyone balik kampung to vote.

Election 2008

  • I can't comment much cause I am not a registered voter yet. My mum been bugging me since last year to register as a voter.
  • But bcos of my busy schedule, till time to go register. I know is a lame excuse...shud replace with the word LAZY.
  • Definitely i hope of a balance in the parlimentary seats.

Hi-tea with Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir

  • Shit, i can't attend the hi-tea with Datin Paduka Marina Mahathir which organize by company.
  • Stuck at the office to do testing and vendor meeting. What a miss to listen to her story talk.
  • Yesterday, we have a meeting with X Vendor on project progress meeting. Is like a war zone and suprise to see one of my colleague blasted the vendor kao kao until the Project Manager got nothing to say and just nod his head.
  • Was sleepy during the meeting, but that arguement keeps me awake and focus.

Stock Market

  • Yesterday was a awful market where market drop 30 pts.
  • Went in some counters yesterday but it drop too. Gosh.....hope today market will be up back and push the price again.
  • My advice to all, better stay sideline at the moment. For contra players, dun ever enter with this market condition.
  • For investor, is a good time to collect some cheap share esp KLK and BURSA.

Today's meeting - *&^%$#@

  • I met with one tai chi master ... bloody hell her ... not my part also become my part.
  • Of course I learn from a few grand tai chi master, able to tai chi back and get the Proj Mgr to talk to the user and convince them to accept the recommendation. The system is not mine and why I need to be a nice guy.
  • Sometimes, hate to attend this meeting coz she will be making some non-funny jokes, laugh by herself where everyone got annoyed, talk to herself ..... ewwwl.

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