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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Grandma 92nd yrs old birthday

Note: Feel weird i write blog during this hour, my stomach was so full after the dinner. Better not to sleep.

Grandma Bday celebration

  • Rush from office to drive down to the restaurant (dunno wat is the chinese restaurant name) at Taman Paramount. Yve did not joined cause she got her own function.
  • Arrive 15 mins late cause of LDP jam.
  • The food was superb and nice.
  • I am happy to see my grandma staying healthy at the age of 92. Believe me, she eat what everyone eats:- prawns, piglet, chicken and all the dishes.
  • But I feel sad when I see my grandma condition .... when she is getting old and her eyes getting smaller. I looked at her as a grandson in the family, i feel sad to see my grandma in this way.
  • In all my life since kid till now, I never see her shout or scold her own childrens and no temper at all. When she fall sick, she keep to herself and don't want to trouble others.
  • Love my grandma so much....
  • Oh yeah, i met meowsou at the restaurant....tao pao food for netcat.

Hell's Kitchen

  • Just now at 11pm, watch the finale of Hell's Kitchen.
  • Was really thrill to know who is the winner .... i guess Heather will be the winner cause of her team members support and her leadership quality. Yes, she won it.
  • My tears broke down when saw her wins the competition....very touching moment...damn it!
  • At the end of the show, I like Gordon Ramsay quote before he signed off.... Thanks for watching and see you next season cause I gonna f-uck you all!
  • Don't know this series, click here to find out more.


  • One of my blog reader suggested to seperate my gender blog addictions to male and female.
  • Since it is a suggestion, no harm doing it for new changes.
  • I splitted to two sections:- SHE-FEMALE Addictions and HE-MALE Addictions.
  • Damn, i notice my links mostly female blogs and outnumbered the male's blog. Need to balance it up..... :)

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