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Monday, March 24, 2008

Gathering + F1 Party Weekend

Via Gathering - Brian & Cherlyn
  • 21st March, Friday .... have a gathering at Mt. Kiara, Coffee Bean to meet up with Brian and Cherlyn who came back from UK for a short trip in Malaysia.
  • Ee Lain came from Singapore for the gathering too. Sam, Johny, Fanny, Dae, Netcat & Meowsou, Nicholas, Shirlyn, Yve and myself was there too.
  • Most of us arrive bout 9.30pm.
  • Thanks to Brian for import-ing my solar power from UK to here which I ordered from him.
  • We have a long chit chat and we left bout 12am+.

Mclaren F1 Party @ Centro Bar

  • 23rd March, Sunday ... arrived Centro Bar bout 12.30pm ...registered and have a buffet lunch. I just like their sea bass fish, chicken rendang and of course mushroom soup (had two big bowl of it)
  • This party was sponsored by SAP. They have F1 race simulator, original Lewis Hamilton racing suit.
  • The crowd was bout 100ppl ... we din stay long there...left at 2.45pm to BMW F1 Pit Lounge party.

BMW F1 Pit Lounge Party

  • Arrive there bout, me and yve was greeted when we walk in to register. So many leng lui at the registration counter.
  • Once we step into the hall, i was amazed by the crowd....the crowd was 10 times much greater than flow of soft drink, beers, and wines...much better than Mclaren.
  • We enjoy their food so much more than Mclaren....was served thru out the session with a huge live TV telecast.
  • Yve busy mingling around with her colleagues while me busy taking pictures and observe the environment....can see many kwai lou and ladies wore dress .... this is much high class party.
  • The crowd was cheering loud when Massa is out of the race and whenever BMW Sauber make a pit stop. I really feel I am in the F1 mood.
  • I was so full by end of the day that me and yve have maggie mee as our dinner.

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