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Monday, March 17, 2008

CIO Open House

Known as Mahjong King
  • 15th March, went to my CIO open house at Bdr. Sg. Long last Saturday weekend. It was my nephew 1yr old celebration as well.
  • The food was good and enjoy mingling around with colleagues and manage to see my ex-boss Victor Lee...need to thank him as he recommend me for promotion.
  • Reach CIO house at 6pm ... cause all wanna play mahjong. It's been a year i din touch mahjong and therefore, told my colleagues that tonight I will be giving free tuition fees.
  • So without further delay...we setup mahjong player. Gosh, I am playing with the mahjong master which they been playing since they are kids.
  • I dunno how to read chinese, so I need to memorize the mahjong tiles but I have basic understanding of Mahjong rules and point calculation. Even I don't know how to count or which tiles to seperate after throwing the dice.
  • We decided each point is RM 0.20 sen and each Joker is RM 0.50sen.
  • First two round I lost....then all my Mahjong skills recall back and familiar with it already.
  • From there, won all the way....and just within 2 hr....won RM 52 dat night. Got once I am so lucky enuff to have the highiest rank in Mahjong and 'chi mo' sumore ...which I explode point and with 3 joker in hand...which cost my colleague to pay me RM 9.50 each.
  • Everyone was crowding behind me as my tiles is very good and excited to watch us playing. They label me as 'Pan Chu Sek Lou Fu' ----> english: 'Act like a pig and eat up a tiger' and telling them I dunno how to play. I admit that I was very lucky that night and not skill.
  • Today, my colleague demand me to treat them lunch.

Top L-R: 1. Me and Choy smiling away 2. Ah Loy thinking which tile to discard in order not to let me win 3. CK look so comfortable

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