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Friday, March 07, 2008

Chicks Rule - ever will happen?

What a statement - CHICKS RULE

  • Got this from my colleague who posted in my Facebook Superwall.
  • Will this ever happen? It will be like a global warming disaster if this ever happens.

2142 BAttlefield

  • Yve boss borrowed the game to her .... in fact is for me to play this game. Her boss bought it original, walaueh RM 100 for this game. I can buy 10 pirated DVD movies and free 2 somemore.
  • heard of this game but not that sure that my PC is good enuff to support the graphic display.
  • Currently I am playing Championship Manager 2008 and SIM CITY 4.
  • Did not manage to install last night cause need to register online to get the key code ... so mahfarn now.

All you can eat @ Oriental Spoon, Sooka Sentral

  • Yesterday have lunch at Killeney cafe. Then went and visit the new Sooka Sentral (opposite KL Sentral station).
  • Very nice foodcourt compare to my current cafeteria at my office block. Too bad it is serving malay and thai food only. No chinese / indian food.
  • There is a chinese restaurant which having this promo ... they serve dim sum, shark fin , seafood, chicken, venison, beef, veges, noodles and rice for just RM 28 nett per pax. They have few variety for each category above except shark fin which entitle one bowl per pax.
  • Saw the new SynarGym .... funny name. There is a rock climbing mountain in the gym ... maybe this is one of the attraction. They shud have build a swimming pool instead.

My weight programme update

  • Today morning weight myself happy to see to lose another 1 kg.
  • In order not to waste my effort, better maintain and today my lunch, I plan to eat vege and one meat without white rice.
  • Damn it, my manager told of his ex-colleague at age 34 yrs old suffer a mild heart attack ... so ask me to take care too.

My Dad's TAXI

  • Finally my dad's taxi came back from proton workshop. Thank God is under warranty.
  • My dad really take good care of his taxi very Very CLEAN ....wash the taxi most of the day and currently he is fetching people to KLIA or hired for special event.
  • Still remembers when he fetch one of my company Head during his tenure at Msia. Small world

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