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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

BMW Review + Souled Out

SOuled Out
  • Find out that yesterday badminton session was cancelled. So drive back to Puchong all the way back.
  • Then call Johny to yum char...then we plan to go SOuled Out. Cause wanna 'lan-si' and match the status when driving BMW at Sri Hartamas. Another reason is free jockey parking there.
  • Miss the food there.

Whose monstrer truck is this?

  • Got to know this from my cousin, Michael.
  • Belongs to the SS2 murni mamak owner. It is special customized and send to Sabah purposely for modification. The truck cost RM40k but the modification cost RM 100k.
  • Don't look down on this truck, heard it is installed with Supra turbo engine.
  • Just ask the boss that u wanna ride his truck and he take u for a free spin.

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