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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

BMW F1 Party + So Sorry + Weight Loss

BMW F1 Party
  • I am going to Mclaren Party first before me and yve plan to drop by for her co. F1 party.
  • Will be held at BMW Sauber F1 Team Pit Lounge this Sunday from 1-5pm.
  • Cross finger got nice model there....i mean the F1 car model.

So Sorry

  • Yesterday night, need to reject two of my friend invitation. And I am so sorry bout it.
    1. May Wong - Buffet dinner @ Marche.
    2. CK - Beer drinking.
  • I've got badminton session that night and I need to lose my weight as much as possible.
  • Oh yeah, found my wallet in my badminton bag. Left it in there...luckily.
  • Last night, Daniel came to my place to borrow USB modem from me cause he left his in his office. His wife need to use it for conference call.

My weight loss programme

  • Yes, YES .... i've achieve my first target which is 85kg (nothing to proud off, still look big size for 173cm tall like me). Anyhow, took me nearly 3 months just to reduce 7kg.
  • Remembered, I did not DIET as I've been eating normally ....buffet, fried stuff, sweet drinks and etc. Thanks to the 'tea' I drink and of course regular exercise helps too.
  • My next target I set for myself is 82kg now within 2 months.

My Flexi Claim

  • Submit my flexi claim today....amount of RM 1.8k.
  • Claim all my supplements cause it is non-taxable.
  • Oh boy, dun dare to see my income tax / EA form. My company havent release out the staff EA form.

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