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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Barclay's Premier League - Manchester United

Yes - Man Utd trash Liverpool

  • Is an old story but got no time to blog bout it. While watching F1 race replay in Astro, i switch over to the live telecast Man Utd vs Liverpool.
  • Very happy to see Man Utd to lead 1-0 by half time and then whack liverpool with the final score 3-0.
  • Happy to see Mascherano sent off....stupid act from a professional footballer.

Mom still in Aussie

  • My sis told me that she will extend my mom visa to 6 months.
  • I wont be seeing my mom for 6 months more....wonder how my Dad can live without her and my younger brother.
  • To my younger brother, is a total freedom to him .... looks like it's time for me to be a responsible brother and bring him out to jolly....hahaha.
  • ANyway, met my brother at Velvet that night at 3am .... basket him!

Badminton Session

  • Yesterday I over played a bit.
  • Sprain my right ankle a bit....hopefully tonight can play too.

KLSE - Invesment for Jan and Feb hit RM 1.7m (Record!)

  • My remiser got my cross my personal target of RM 1 million mark of trading with combination of both trading months (Jan 08 and Feb 08).
  • Guess it will be a slowdown after this Month with the recent market condition.
  • Just trade with 18 counters only.
  • My Bstead still down .... RM 4.86!

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