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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bangsar Village Lunch

Nirvana Maju (Banana Leaf Rice) @ Bangsar

  • Damon called me for lunch to join him and James. Both are my badminton kaki.
  • Damon told me at Bangsar....walaueh, have to drive down all the way from Sg Besi to Bangsar .... accepted his invitation.
  • When he told me to have it at Nirvana .... i reply him, "Huh, makan at Nirvana or Virgina" ... we both laughing .... dunno the place but since it is located opposite Bangsar Village...shud be easy to find.
  • I arrive late cause of the jam in bangsar .... basket, it was crowded with people and lucky they got sit. Guess wat, 3 ppl eat cost us RM 77 ..... wat a Virgina price...ooops, Nirvana Maju price.
  • Anyway, James treat us.

Delicious Cafe @ Bangsar Village

  • Damon treat us for a drink at this cafe .... i've heard of this place and never been there before cause hardly lepak at Bangsar already.
  • Wow, nice cafe .... now i know why they select Bangsar for lunch and drink. Many OL there.
  • What is OL? = Office Lady.
  • I have Mango + Lychee blast (RM 9.90).... just a normal blended drink.
  • I am exempted from paying cause travel so far to join them. Thanks buddies.

- This is the effect of 3 weeks not playing badminton since the school hall is used for election

Individual Goal Setting

  • Yesterday did submit my goal setting.
  • Walaueh, tough goal set for me this year.
  • Aihhh, definitely won't get a good performance bonus for next year. My goals is depend on business objective set by the company.
  • One of my biggest task is the WAP Portal. A main stream of revenue for my company. Pressure is on my head and hundreds of gun pointing at me if anything got screwed.
  • Heard from my colleague today, that first time in history, it achieve Zero Billing error. Wow....great to hear that.

Tips: Add a tiny piece of crushed ginger to tea, while boiling, for the extra zing especially during winter

Inspiration: Start from where you are with what you have; make something of it - never be satisfied.

Did you know: There are more than 600 pasta shapes produced worldwide

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