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Thursday, March 06, 2008

8th Golden Working Years

8th year in the company
  • Can't believe I've been working for 8 years in the same company since I graduated.
  • I've accepted my job offer on 6th March year 2000. I can remember this date till now cause is my only first job mah. hahaha...
  • I've transfer few departments internally cause I can't stick to one similar job scope for too long. My first 2 years is much more to programming and reporting using ProC and SAS Datawarehouse. Then move to web dept to develop internal online system and been there for 3 years. Then on year 2005 till now, move to much challenging role and dept which is the Mobile App. Services .... from there i am managing projects and end to end process.
  • My friends been asking me, how do u last for 8 years in the same co. and will u work till u die in the company ...meaning till retirement age lah.
  • My answer to the above - HELL NO. Is because i am tied up with the company till 2009 .... in my thought, i wanna make it a decade to work in Maxis. After 2010, plan to work at Singapore or Dubai.
  • I need to thank to my colleagues (whoever reading it here) for their coaching and guiding to me all this while. One thing for sure hard for me to leave the company, is the people esp my team members & manager and of course the staff i know thru out this years. Not the pay and benefits yeah....nothing to shout about.
  • How do i celebrate it? hahaha - told yve, we have a good dinner. As for my colleagues, maybe treat them lunch.


Anonymous said...

WAH! Very very nice office there

CH Voon said...

last time, you look a bit thin than now hahaha

now you need to keep fit a bit.

Oupss... dont angry... just to motivate a bit here

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